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Waste and water piping systems

Valsir plays a primary role on the European production scene.

The quality of this Company, characterised by continuous growth along with the observance of quality principles and technological development, result in state of the art products and services.

Already leaders of the plumbing sector, VALSIR products are to be found on building sites all over the world, and are backed up by more than 135 quality certificates and a ten year guarantee.

VALSIR’s four production plants are all situated in Val Sabbia, cover a total area of 57.370 square meters, and employ 404 people.


Marked by quality

The production of Multi-layer Piping , which started in 1995, represent a leap forward in the quality of VALSIR products. This choice had far-reaching effects on the Company’s industrial policy.

Pexal, a multi-layer piping and fitting system, gives VALSIR a high production profile, which is further enhanced by the “Pexal Easy” range of PPSU fittings, a winning combination of low cost, practicality, quality, and reliability, for today’s plumber.

Along with its tried and tested “Customer Service Centre”, VALSIR’s recognised production flexibility is an expression of the Company’s great technological capacity.

After an arduous process of modernaising production, VALSIR is now in a position to turn its attention to project designers.

This Val Sabbia Company has come up whit has come up with two new items – “Silvestro” software for designing domestic plumbing systems, and the “Valsir Radiant Floor Heating System”. The production of these lines has led to a specific System Design Office being set up.


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