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Production Cycle

RAFFMETAL is the biggest and most dynamic producer of secondary aluminium alloy in Europe, which means that they are made from recovered materials such as waste.

Company policy has always given pride of place to developing production by means of technological innovation, and has made it possible to attain the highest quality standards on both the domestic and international market.

Treating scrap allows the Company to recover not only aluminium as a raw material, but also copper, bronze, and brass, showing how composite scrap can be turned into metals that can be used in various industrial contexts. RAFFMETAL is Europe’s leading produces in this way is used by Fondital and numerous other medium and large-scale industrial production companies.


The Environment and Energy Saving

Due to Fondital’s industrial philosophy, RAFFMETAL uses a significant portion of their resources to protect the environmental.

Salt slag, the end product of the processes carried out, is treated in ultra-modern disposal plants, and the salts recovered are reintroduced into the manufacturing process, while the metal oxides are passed on to companies in the refractory sector.

Recovery and re-utilisation of waste is handled in full compliance with environmental standards and the Company’s mission, in order to protect against what would otherwise be an untenable degradation of the environment.

Quality of life is maintained by putting a credible, significant environmental policy into practice, and RAFFMETAL applies all the necessary standards to attain this goal.



Advanced technology, quality research at every stage of the production process, and product accuracy have permitted Raffmetal to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9002 Certificate.

This important acknowledgement is an evidence of Raffmetal's prime objective, that is to offer the customer a high-quality product.

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