Fondital Group - OLI - Sistemas Sanitários product range

Valves, mechanisms and flush cisterns

OLI - Sistemas Sanitários is located in Aveiro, in the North of Portugal, and has been in the market since 1981, manufacturing toilet flushing cisterns and plumbing mechanisms for ceramic flushing cisterns.

The market share won over by this Company over the years, now extends beyond the whole of Europe.

The reliability of its products, and its quest for quality in all phases of production, have led to OLI - Sistemas Sanitários obtaining quality certification in terms of the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 standards.


Installation technology

Concrete, specific answers to even the most complex needs of the market, and undisputed product quality, have guaranteed widespread success of OLI - Sistemas Sanitários on the European and international scene.

The items they produce stand out most of all in relation to the mechanisms they make for ceramic flushing cisterns, designed to suit all kinds of systems.

OLI use their own extensive distribution network to market the products made by the Companies of the Fondital Group throughout Portugal.

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